the studio

kleine studio

I opened my small studio, Kleine Studio, in 2016 driven by the desire to build a business where knowledge of graphics and architecture blend together to find the best creative expression.

The studio deals with identity, packaging, editorial design and websites.

Each project is born from the customers' narration of the history of their business, of their desires for the future and thanks to a continuous collaboration a project that can best express the identity of the customer is obtained. It is essential for me to follow the project at every stage, from concept to implementation, so as to guarantee quality at every level.

I believe that attention to detail enshrines the quality of the projects. For this reason, I work together with experts in various sectors, in order to bring the attention to detail in the project at all levels: from photography to the development of sites, from the detail of identity to full expression.


charlotte orsi mazzucchelli

I am the daughter of a Dutch mother and an Italian father. The blend of these two cultures has developed my creativity.
I studied architecture at Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio (Switzerland) and I graduated with architect Antonio Citterio in 2012. During these six years I focused on the man in its space, on proportions and precision and I had the opportunity to experiment with different materials, from cardboard to cement.
I continued my studies in the field of graphics attending the SPD in Milan (Italy) for two years, developing a strong interest in all the aspects related to typography, composition and the development process of an identity.
I graduated in visual design in 2014.
I worked for two years for a graphic design studio in Milan, LS Graphic Design, where I had the opportunity to continue to grow thanks to exchanges of ideas with experts in the sector with whom I still collaborate.
In 2016 I opened my studio driven by the desire to build a business where graphics and architecture merge together to find the best creative expression.
In the meantime, I work as Communication Manager in the family Company, Mazzucchelli 1849. This provides me with a complete view of the work, understanding the needs that a company or a studio may have.
I believe that creativity is something that must be cultivated over the years, paying attention to what surrounds us, immersing ourselves in exhibitions, art, design, books...everything that can inspire, but I am equally convinced that the study and deepening of new subjects is fundamental. For this reason in 2022 I obtained a master's degree in Marketing and Digital Communication at 24ORE Business School.